Monday, November 1, 2010

1 night - Tannum Sands/Gladstone

A few months back I offered to take the 2QAQ Art Quilts up to the Childers Art Gallery where they will be on display until the 12th December. Instead of just driving them up, dropping them off and heading back we decided to build a short escape. On Saturday we headed up to Gladstone to visit family, stayed the night out at Tannum Sands and went exploring along the banks of the Boyne River. There's a hard turn off the highway onto a track that takes you under the bridge and a certain distance along the banks. The Boyne Rivers bed and banks are covered in mostly stones and pebbles. I enjoyed exploring about and always wonder what stories the lost/abandoned items could tell.


  1. Found objects are interesting - love pebbles too - the water seems to bring out some really interesting colours.

  2. Inspirational as always. Love your work.

  3. Hey Mel, you know I LOVE this part of the country! It's totally fascinating seeing things through YOUR eyes though as you seem to see beauty in things I just 'pass by' without a second glance! : )

  4. I didnt know you had rellies in town, did you mention it?
    in Gladstone


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