Saturday, November 20, 2010

succulent flower

from this
to this
When I went up to feed the chickens on Thursday morning the flower on one of our succulents had finally opened, even though it was raining, photos were still taken before heading off to work. Our renovator home also included renovating the garden. It's an older style garden with many mature trees and old style plants. As we cleared out the back section we discovered a couple of hanging baskets filled with different types of succulents that had fallen to the ground. We re-potted them into half style baskets and hang the baskets up along the side of the chicken house. The next step is to work out what type of succulent it is - I think it might be the Cryptocereus anthonyanus Ric-Rac or Zig-Zag succulent.


  1. It looks like the old fashioned cactus we had round our first house- Bob's Grandmother's place. Great photos.


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