Monday, September 5, 2011

friend or foe - a matter of perspective

As well as working on my pieces for the up-coming exhibition, we've also been catching up in the garden and of course the camera is never far away. This time it's been the pesky weeds that have had center stage. I stumbled across some information on edible weeds while researching companion planting. Who would have thought that some weeds actually have alternative uses. So camera in hand I've captured some shots, printed them onto fabric (using the Ink Aid method) went through my fabric stash, picked out a few floral prints and now working them into a collage. Apparently the following are just a few of the possible culinary delights: Dandelion, Purslane, chickweed, stinging nettle (once cooked the tiny hairs on these leaves are no longer an irritant), chicory and even one of the most annoying weeds in the garden is edible - the cobblers pegs (apparently an Aztec herb) One must always remember to correctly identify these plants before plunging in for a feast as some have similar looking cousins that are definitely not safe to consume.

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