Monday, December 30, 2013

unwrapping fabric bundles

The wrapping of these fabric bundles occurred throughout the month of November. As each bundle formed it was placed into a hanging basket and the rest was left to time and the sun. I've previously dyed fabrics using rusty objects and have also explored how onions skins and beetroot color fabric but was quite taken with the idea of extending it to utilize items and foliage from ones immediate surrounds ie our garden. The inspiration for these bundles has come from the book "Eco Colour" by India Flint and in particular the chapter on solar dyeing. 1. detail shot of fabric number four 2. cactus cloth - peach leaves, rusty items, vinegar 3. PFD kona cotton - fallen macadamia leaves, coffee, vinegar, rusty wheel 4. PFD Kona Cotton - geranium leaves, coffee, rusty coil, rusty bolts, vinegar 5. PFD Kona Cotton - fallen bamboo foliage, rusty items, coffee, vinegar 6. detail shot of the cactus cloth (this piece was only outside for a little over a week). The first bundle was unwrapped on Christmas day, what a wonderful treat. There's still a couple more bundles to unwrap and of course I've made up a couple of new ones which I'm looking at unwrapping around Australia Day (end of January)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

it's a wrap

desserts are made, milk and cookies are out for Santa and I've almost finished the wrapping
firstly made the wrapping paper by re-purposing several magazine pages 
 stitching butchers paper then decorating with nylon rope & a piece of ribbon
 stitch was used in place of glue and also used as decoration
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

UAB Exhibition: Drawn to Place

Dropped my pieces off this morning. Looking forward to opening night!!
Come along - opening night this Friday 6th December 2013 6-9pm
Exhibition: Drawn to Place by UAB (Urban Art Binge)
 exhibition continues until the 10th December as follows
Saturday 7th, Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th December
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