Sunday, February 2, 2014

oh my it was delicious

A recipe for Strawberry Meringue Cake caught my eye in the latest edition of Feast magazine. Perfect timing as I had made husband chocolate mousse so four egg whites were a waiting inspiration. The base is the meringue with crushed sweet biscuit (I used ginger-nut biscuits) and chopped nut (I used macadamia) mixed through. The top is similar consistency to that of cheesecake, a combination of cream cheese, sour cream (I used sweetened Greek yoghurt), icing sugar and vanilla. Decorated with fresh berries - simply delicious. Over the weekend we also visited a couple demolition yards looking for old screen doors to put on the chicken coupe. While out we also popped into a couple of op shops where I purchased serving plates and three bowls.  


  1. Always love your photography Mel. Cake looks too divine!


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