Thursday, January 29, 2015

reclaiming the studio

Throughout last year we achieved a couple of bigger renovations around our humble home, so love the new kitchen. Of course these adjustments require clearing and packing up rooms then storing the stuff somewhere. My little studio filled and filled with various bits n pieces. As the studio filled my creative energy waned coming to a momentary standstill.
But never fear a couple of weeks break over the festive season, some unpacking, sorting and De-cluttering and my need for studio time returns. Re-igniting the creativity with simple line sketching, browsing the many images in my digital libraries, a little bit of Photoshopping and plenty of home sewing.
Keeping It Simple and returning to one of my favorite art quotes by Henri Matisse
"Don't wait for inspiration, it comes while one is working"
starting somewhere and remembering to play:)
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