Monday, September 27, 2010

Close encounter with Satin Bower Birds

Yesterday we headed out to the Main Range National Park which is about 110klms South-West of Brisbane. It has several walking tracks of varying lengths. We took the camping stove and had BLT muffins in the picnic area before heading out for a walk, where I took many photos which I will use for inspiration in "My Surroundings" series.

The picnic area is very close to the main highway but you feel so isolated. We had the most precious experience with 4 male and about 5 female Satin Bower birds coming in very close to where we were having brunch. What really struck me was the amazing colour of their eyes. They have the most brilliant shades of blues, lavender and purple in their eyes. I certainly can see a quilt or collage being created based just on the colour of the Bower Birds eyes, it really was very striking. I've found a website through the Australian Museum with info about the Satin Bower Bird

Waiting for ours
Excuse me!!! You were meant to leave us some

The following are a few of the photos taken which will become part of my collection for my series called "My Surroundings". My goal is to put together a collection of 13 art quilts all inspired by photos I have taken of my surrounding Australian Bush. Most photos for the series will be taken within about a 6 hour drive of Brisbane in any direction. Part of the goal is to present the collection in my first 'solo' exhibition in 2012.

  Off to do some more stitching


  1. Lucky 13! I'm looking forward to seeing your bowerbird inspiration, sounds gorgeous!

  2. Can't wait to see some of these 13 quilts - look forward to watching them progress. Chris

  3. Interesting to see bowerbirds so tame. I thought they were super shy. I've Pinned your picture of them on the stove to my Pinterest board. Hope that was okay.


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