Sunday, September 12, 2010

Writtings on the wall

Hooray, Hooray - finished as well.

This wall quilt was my response to the saying 'Writing's on the Wall'. I'm part of a creative group called 'Broad Strokes' and we set little challenges throughout the year. We've all had a turn at setting a challenge theme and this one was Kate's (a link to Kate's blog is in my blog list). When Kate first suggested the theme I really had no ideas bounce into my head and felt rather blocked and blank about the saying. But I also saw this as the perfect reason to tackle it.

I ended up doing a word play exercise and just writing down every word or group of words that was my response to the saying. I then went to the dictionary to look up the definitions of some of these words and in some instances that took me in another direction. Through this word play exercise I discovered that there use to be a religious belief/group called 'Positivism' in the early 1800's, seemed to disappear by the 1900's.

Anyway once I had all the words together I had play around with different ways of putting words onto fabric. I've used acrylic paint, sharpie pens and ink jet printing. I also scanned one of my pencil drawn portraits and played a little with it in the computer (both faces on the quilt are from the one drawn picture) and then printed them onto 'TAP' paper and ironed them onto fabric. I've also taken one of my photos of Alcartraz and used the kaleidoscope feature in the computer to alter it.

I really did end up enjoying this challenge and wouldn't mind exploring another saying. So if anyone has an idea for another saying please let me know or pop it in the comments section.

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  1. Mel, pat on the back time for taking the challenge & finishing! The more you make the easier it gets.


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