Thursday, October 7, 2010

photo a week around the home project

Blue Java (Ice-cream Banana)
In QLD you need permission from the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to grow bananas in the backyard. We sort permission and purchased the plants from the preferred supplier and they have now been growing happily for around 12 months.

We have the Blue Java and Duccasse varieties growing. The Blue Java apparently tastes like vanilla ice-cream. Looking forward to them fruiting.

I thought the overlapping branches form interesting shape and texture.


  1. Hi, Mel. am recovered from Hervey Bay jaunt. Your work made me feel the channelling of Odelin Redon
    Have a look at this web site for a small (very) idea of his work. Kath Hastings, Tingalpa
    PS interesting re banana planting permit. I would love to try some in my garden.

  2. Going well, girl - your photos are soooooo good!


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