Monday, November 22, 2010

fabric through spoonflower

When the 'Broadstrokes' creative group met a few weeks back, I had a copy of my calender there for show and tell and the lovely Kate suggested to me that I might be interested in having a look at 'Spoonflower' which specializes in digitally printing fabrics.

I created an account, uploaded a couple of images, ordered the samples, made a couple of adjustments and then released the above fabrics to my newly created 'Spoonflower' e-shop. And of cause ordered more fabric, lengths this time and they arrived on Friday last week. It's very exciting when the the post people leave parcels on your doorstep. Breaking into the parcel is like taking the wrapping off of a yummy candy and enjoying the wonderful delight that lies within. 

At the moment there are seven designs available with more on their way. Visit Mels' Fabric available through 'Spoonflower'


  1. Please, please, please bring some along Sunday afternon or Monday night!!!!! Chris

  2. They look wonderful Mel! What a great idea :-)))


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