Thursday, December 2, 2010

Creatively De-Cluttering

Collage using magazine pages only #1
Collage using magazine pages only #2
There is no choice than to think that my studio at the moment is a little cluttered. What's even more surprising is when you type the word clutter into Google, it's like you've just discovered Pandora's Box. My Grandma's dictionary printed in 1952 and the various websites all seem to agree that clutter can be defined as:
Things you do not use or love
Things that are untidy or disorganized
Too many things in too small a place
Anything unfinished
And there's various websites that give you plan of actions to de-clutter both your surroundings and your mind. Anyway it seems that I have intuitively embraced the task as per the recommended formula, I picked an area (the magazines) and got stuck into it even gave myself little breaks and rewards along the way in the form of creating several collages just using pages from the magazines in front of me. I so enjoy creating the collages their fun, enjoyable and finished in the same day so no unfinished projects (a criteria satisfied). And even better they go straight into my visual diary which means I've satisfied another criteria of de-cluttering - put it away straight away. And I even threw the magazines out once I finished the collages. The best quote I found during the internet surf was by Peter Walsh: "Homes are an orgy of consumption"
  That certainly conjures up all sorts of thoughts and images.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.... I can relate to the 'clutter situation'......... and on the same time : no clutter, no collage !!! and after seeing your collage, one must say : Clutter is GOOD !!! :-)

  2. LOL!! It does tend to be a "catch-22"!! I have re-discovered so many treasures in my 'stuff'...that I now, it!! I'd love to have a clutter party...sometime...where other artists can come and admire the beauty of it...LOL!!

  3. Not sure I've really de-cluttered a huge amount over the past couple of weeks but the studio is certainly more organized.

    A clutter party - what a wonderful idea - love it


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