Sunday, December 19, 2010

natural Line, pattern and color

While I might be looking forward to a few days break from the constant rain, the garden on the other hand is loving it. Early Early this morning it wasn't raining so I started the day with this weeks photo project and just focused on taking photos of leaves.  When we start to work on our art projects we consciously or subconsciously use the elements of design: color, line, shape, texture, and form. Mother nature provides us with so many natural examples of these elements. The veins (line) on the leaves form patterns, shapes and texture. For example: the veins of the Monstera Vine (bottom photo) are quite thick and raised creating texture.  So as well as taking the photos I was also able to lay a piece of fabric over the leaf and do a rubbing using "Shiva" oil sticks. The red vein on the Strelitzia leaf is the complementary color to the green. Complementary colors are colors that lay opposite each other on the color wheel - other complementary colors include yellow/purple and blue/orange.

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  1. I can see another set of fabrics hitting the market soon. You are such a clever chook!


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