Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm in a couple of creative and quilt groups and one of them is Inner City Circle (ICC). One of the challenges we ran with last year was a project called "Chinese Whispers" We asked Judie Bellingham to choose a mystery object of her choice and then show it to the first person in each of the two teams. These two people then made an A3 sized quilt in response/inspired by the mystery object. The second person in each team then viewed the first persons creation (but no unveiling or viewing of the mystery object) for just a 2-3 minutes and went off and created a A3 sized quilt in response. The third person saw just the second persons creation and so forth through the members of each team. I was the 3rd person in the whisper chain of team A and the above is my response to the previous persons creation. We had our unveiling in February, it's truly amazing how we all see and remember detail differently and what inspires us as individuals. The mystery object was Frederick McCubbins painting "The Pioneer" 1904 The full collection will be on display at our quilt show which is in August.


  1. When you enlarge your photo, there appears to be gold flecks on some of the fabric. Hadn't noticed that before. Looks good.


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