Sunday, May 22, 2011

undercurrents underway

Grabbed a few hours in the studio this week and started to work on my pieces for an up-coming exhibition - "Undercurrents". Artists Tricia Smout, Flecity Clarke and myself are having a collaborative exhibition. The exhibition will be at the Arts Factory, South Brisbane 8th - 13th September 2011. Painted a few pieces of fabric mostly using the mono-printing method. Also sketched a couple of birds and flowers, scanned them into the computer, altered the sizes etc and then printed (using the inkjet printer) the images directly onto both plain and painted fabric. The pieces will now be collaged and then quilted.


  1. Will continue to watch while we are away - looking forward to seeing what comes out of the studio!

  2. Mel your State of the Art Quilt 11 piece was inspirational. I just loved it ... fantastic art, as always.


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