Friday, December 30, 2011

creative play day

It's been a week of many inspiring moments. On Christmas day I spent part of the day with my mum on her property where she has recently moved a 100+ year old building onto her place to restore back to it's former glory. In the meantime I had a wonderful time taking photos of it's current derelict state. So on Thursday when I had a creative play day with some friends exploring the many possibilities with Lutradur, TAP paper and heat gunning metals, my mind went a racing to using the photos I'd taken of the derelict building. I've printed a few of the photos onto the Lutradur this afternoon and planning to create a collage using the images. So enjoy the creative play days, very inspiring in deed. And today Dad and I went along to the Matisse Exhibition which is currently on at GOMA, it was very popular but still very inspirational and certainly worth a return visit outside of the holiday period.

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