Sunday, March 10, 2013

new fabrics inspired by crushed paper

 Drawing inspiration from the everyday and a couple of pieces of crushed paper
I had a ton of fun taking many shots of the crushed paper from various angels then wedging & weaving two pieces of crushed paper together and taking more shots
had a pause from the camera to do a few blind contour sketches of the folds and wrinkles of the crushed paper. Once the contour lines were down I've filled in a few areas to add depth. The sketches and the images were all loaded onto the computer and I've used Photoshop Elements to alter and overlap the images further.
A couple of these altered images have then been printed onto fabric through Spoonflower.
for the piece on the left (Crushed) I've started with the image on the left and altered it a couple of times
For the piece on the right (Blue Crushed Porcelain) two images have been used. One of the crushed paper and one of a cup and dipping sauce plate. The images have been altered, overlapped and then further altered.
Both fabrics are available through my Spoonflower Shop

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