Thursday, March 27, 2014

inspiration even when doing those dishes

Who would have thought that one would see inspiration even when doing the washing up. Somehow I missed washing this knife and spoon but when I placed them on the sink to wash later the light reflecting off them caught my eye. So, of course I reached for the camera and preceded to take several shots. After a few shots I switched the camera settings to monochrome which evened out the tired colors of our poor old kitchen enabling me to concentrate on the line, shapes and pattern the knife and spoon created against the draining board. 

inspiration everywhere everyday

Sunday, March 23, 2014

home an individual castle

"Pioneer Home" - paper, imagery, paint, fabric, thread
"Laying Foundations" - paper, imagery, fabric, pen, thread
"Explorers Hut" - paper, map, acrylic, thread

Home: place where one lives - a dwelling, a house. The idea of discovery & home have influenced this collection. As I've gathered images of my immediate surrounds and then further explored and researched I observe the place we call home whether it be a hut or a pioneer home is in fact our own individual castle. These framed works on paper plus an additional four pieces are part of my collection of works that will be exhibiting and available for sale at the Toowoomba Grammar School Art Show
Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th March 2014 - open 10am to 4pm both days
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