Sunday, April 6, 2014

deconstruction and surprise

as we stripped out the kitchen cabinets we reveal relative aging renovation style
if husband and I had a bit more knowledge on interior fashions & history I'm sure we could pin point the era of the previous renovations and paint overs
and the surprise - there were no interior walls behind the cabinets at this end - surprise!!
the other surprise the signing on the exterior wall by a previous builder & and a collection of pennies hidden in the wall
so incredibly grateful for the workmates of husband who chipped in over the weekend, replacing the walls, doing the electrics and evening out the floor before laying the new lino flooring in readiness for the cabinet maker who arrives tomorrow
and of course I couldn't miss the opportunity of capturing all those interesting textures that lay within the walls of 
our humble home


  1. PLEEEASE keep taking photos - love it!

    1. Hi Chris, I couldn't miss that opportunity to take some shots and the inner layer. The cabinets are in and the sink is connected just the splash back, some electrical work and the painting to go. I'm loving the colors - will post a few images soooon :))))


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