Wednesday, May 14, 2014

in between...

In between working on a couple of background changes to my blog which I'll launch later this month, renovating our kitchen and most importantly completing my pieces for open studio (only 10 sleeps) I've been enjoying timeout moments with a little bit of knitting making dishcloths. Using knitting needles inherited from my Gran and 100% cotton knitting yarn I now have a growing collection of cloths - they work a treat in the new kitchen. I've also been re-reading "The Golden Hands" collection. A series of books released in the seventies full of projects and helpful hints for needlecraft, knitters & dressmakers. I do enjoy re-reading these books, while fashion and colors may change technique is constant - an enjoyable timeout and many fond memories.

Give me a museum and I'll fill it


  1. I remember the Golden Hands magazines! I used to have some, I wonder where they are now? In a box somewhere around maybe.... !

  2. Did you inherit them from your Grandmother, Mel? You would have been sooo young in the 70's!!!!


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