Saturday, July 12, 2014

frosty ground & clear blue sky - a natural contrast

When I saw the weather forecast yesterday for today a cool start of 2 degrees Celsius with isolated frosts but still getting up to a top of 22 degrees my initial plan was to sleep in until about an hour after dawn. Being sub-tropical if you sleep in through that dawn period you kinda miss the coldest part of the day. That was the plan but the fur-child is accustomed to the household stirring from 4amish and getting fed pretty close to that so today would be the same and dutifully meowed like a little alarm clock with a broken snooze button. The flip side, the cool side of this though was I was up and awake enough to enjoy the early morning sun rising up over the tree line and into the neighboring parkland. An opportunity not to be missed especially with the sun rays glistening through the frosty grass. Camera in hand and donning an additional jumper off we went fur-child in tow for an early morning stroll enjoying the moment and seizing the day. The early morning vista from our window was nice but how inspiring to be out in amongst the natural contrast of a clear blue sky and the frosty ground.  

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