My urge to lead a creative life commenced early, passion drives the journey. I've explored my craft widely with most roads leading back to my love of working with textiles and art quilts. Through this exploration my interest in photography evolved.  I was motivated to build a collection of reference images - a personal collection of inspirational moments to incorporate into my works.

It was during a trip to the USA that I participated in a workshop on printing digital images onto fabric. A pivotal moment for me firstly as an artist and secondly a catalyst for how I would approach photography and further explore the incorporation of image into my works. Being able to print images onto textiles has been a driving force behind gaining confidence as an artist and developing my fabric range.

While my primary love is with stitch, textiles and digital images I have a strong affinity for paper and paint so my works explore the interaction of these mediums and their relationship with each other. I enjoy how each medium can be a star in its own right or be part of a mixed media team.

The best piece of advice that I've been given is to enjoy the whole journey and not focus on the outcome. This advice is the inspiration behind my blog "Mels Artistic Journey" a digital journal where I share photos, hints, experiences, exhibitions, product reviews, works in progress and creative moments. 
"Creativity is like breathing - it occurs everywhere every day"

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