Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my first mcgregor art school

Exhilarated, tired and motivated are just a few of the feelings being simulated at the moment following four fabulous days at Hervey Bay as part of the Mcgregor Schools art program. They are very well know for their summer school held in Toowoomba every January and they have now expanded the progam to include a winter school in Toowoomba, By the Bay which is held at Hervey Bay and I can't remember the other one but it will be on their website (see link) 

My workshop which was fabulous and pushed my comfort zone beautifully was with Australian Abstract Artist Peter Griffen The workshop was amazing and I have no doubt that I will be drawing on my learnings as I continue to work on my own creations. I can already see so many possibilities with how I could incorporate more painting into my work. I really enjoyed learning about the abstract style and how to push the paint around to create different effects. The workshop was: Colour, Abstraction, Still Life and the Figure.

Peter Griffen demonstrating

Just a few examples: we really did just keep working and creating.

Day One; Take a line for a walk and colour
Day Two and Three: Pushing it Further + still life and the figure
Day Four: Pushing it further & further, finishing off and review

It was absolutely fabulous


  1. Great post Mel! You are super efficient! I have come home to major PC probs and am opperating in safe-mode only so haven't had a chance to do anything yet. I have the pics ready to send but
    may be closed down for a bit. It was great meeting you!

  2. Who's a clever girl! Can see a quilt in the pink squiggle with the blue dots!!!!

  3. Mel,
    Thanks for your email. I decided to check out your blog. I had much more success moving around this site than I did with Lee's blog. It was really great to meet wnd work with you at Hervey Bay. I still hear your lovely giggle. I am pleased to tell you, Evan and I made a nice mess friendly space in our shed for me to do some adventurous art making. I aspire to do as you - fit it in when I can. I was also telling a friend who is interested in textiles about the organisation you talked about But I couldn't remember the letters Atasdas or something? HOpe you are keeping well. Remember I want to see a photo fothe circle picture when you are satisfied with it.
    Love Jan

  4. Hi Mel! Fancy meeting you here LOL! great blog! I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop too :-) cheers, Maria

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