Sunday, October 17, 2010

exploring further with acrylics

first layer started here
Since returning from the workshop with Peter Griffin (see blog post re workshop) I have been exploring/playing further. I was quite nervous leading upto the workshop as my experience with acrylic painting has been gained through lots of reading, a willingness to just give it a go and some folkart painting a few years back. I gained so much from the workshop and I've been enjoying the journey since. I'm also enjoying working more intuitively rather than to a plan. Looking forward to exploring/pushing further and also crossing my learnings into art quilts.
currently here may/may not add more

also exploring with transferring text onto the other work in progress


  1. Am amazaed at how much you are doing - will have to call over to the 'studio' soon & check it out in person!

  2. interesting work Mel.... and beautiful colours !!!


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