Monday, January 10, 2011

Rusty Fabric

Over the weekend I started working on my submission for the annual juried Art Quilt Exhibition through 2QAQ  the entries are due beginning of February. While I was searching through my fabric stash and auditioning fabrics for the submission piece I came across the above two pieces of fabric that I have dyed  using rusty objects. I really enjoyed doing the above pieces and plan to dye a couple more and make up a quilt with them. Both pieces are using cotton fabric. The piece on the left had been getting used as a rag cleaning up acrylic paint, the rag was hand rinsed and then popped through the wash which removed most of the paint but left some behind which has added a little bit of interest and depth to the background.

The Rust Fabric Dying Recipe 
Natural Fibre (for me this is usually 100% cotton fabric), white vinegar and rusty objects.

Take one or several rusty items and wrap/sandwich the item into the chosen natural fibre. Place the wrapped item into a seal-able plastic bag and pour enough vinegar over until the item is completely covered. Seal the bag and place in the sun for a minimum of 48 hours (I usually loose track of time and they end up being in the sun for 1 or 2 weeks). Unwrap the fabric, remove the rusty items and rinse out the fabric, soak in a salted water solution for an hour or so and then rinse the fabric again.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Upon reflecting on one's activities and achievements during 2010, the common element was new beginnings and re-focusing so I'll be heading into 2011 with Expand as my word. My initial thoughts are with the following: expand my confidence, painting skills, drawing, stitch drawing, design ideas in my quilts and collages, expand my print range available through redbubble (maybe even work out how to put some of my prints onto the T-shirt and sticker range they have available), expand my fabric range through Spoonflower  Basically expand to gain confidence and skill with creating and promoting my work.

The 2011 journey kicks off with me putting together some of my photo project images from 2010 into a book which will be available very shortly through Blurb. While putting these images together I've realized that many of my 2010 photos have been taken outdoors so in 2011 I plan to expand my mind and creative eye to see creative shots in-doors as well. I've started with the top photo which is a shot of my husbands drill bit roll. The bottom photo is of our Blue Java Banana hooray it's flowering and fruiting. Looking forward to tasting it, this variety apparently tastes like vanilla ice-cream. 

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