Thursday, January 31, 2013

adding a few words

The images are gathered and either printed or glue transferred onto cotton fabrics and now I'm wanting to incorporate a few words into my current work in progress. Normally my approach to adding text to my textile pieces would be through stitch or running the stabilized fabric through my ink jet printer both methods work well and both reliable. For this project I'm working towards having the words with different vibrancy thus adding depth to the final piece.
So I've been playing with various pens, pencils, paints etc and sampling how they mark fabric. When I'm sampling, experimenting, seeing how things work I work quickly and onto materials that I'm not precious about this enables my mind to work freely. As I'm working I make notes documenting my thoughts, findings and any side ideas that spring to mind.
 For my current work in progress I'm leaning towards using pencil to add the text, I'm liking the color density of the pencil on the fabric.

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