Sunday, April 28, 2013

we 'Broadstrokes' are featured in Down Under Textiles

We formed as a group a few years ago, initially as a critque group to push and encourage each other in our artisic pursuits and we've evolved from there, it's a nice feeling to feature together in an article in the current issue of Down Under Textiles.

There are six of us in the group, Merody Buglar, Kathryn Iliff, Jane Rundle, Kate Osko, Suzanne Marshall & Myself and we usually meet once a month. There's always lots of show n tell, sharing of projects or techniques and we often engage in mini-workshops trying out various techniques we've seen in magaizines and / or books.
We've also worked on joint projects such decorating a tree for the Jumpers n Jazz festival last year, enjoying day trips to the country, working with Tricia Smout as part of her residency at the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens to name just a few. I've featured a few of our projects here on my blog and bundled them together in a link, pop across and have a look. The current issue of Down Under Textiles is filled with lots of creative inspirations including an article on fellow artist and friend Chris Jones featuring her FloodArt Postcards.
available online, at newsagents & various other outlets

Friday, April 26, 2013

from the sketchbook - ginger study

 With all the rain that we've had recently our Gingers have burst into growth and had a second flowering. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, so I grabbed a couple of hours sketching in the garden before heading out. An enjoyable morning observing and sketching one of our gingers. This one is the red hot poker, which has flourished from a cutting a friend gave us. 
I started with the black pen and created the piece in the top slide, a warm up before exploring further. In the other pieces I've used a combination of water soluable graphite pencils, watercolor paints and colored pencil. In the sketch of the flowers, I sketched with the black pen first then shaded a few areas with colored pencil before appling a water colour wash over the top.
The other treat I had yesterday was my wonderful husband cooked a BBQ breakfast. That partnered with the sketching and a fresh pot of coffee really made for a perfect start to the day.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dainty garden stars

  six-petaled, star shaped, white flowers
 adorn our Allium Tuberosum at the moment
 otherwise known as garlic chives
so dainty and pretty

Friday, April 12, 2013

paper, fabric, wallpaper

Just added a couple of new fabrics to my Spoonflower Gallery The fabric at the top is inspired by the Jacaranda tree. I took so many photos of these trees last year. I enjoy the flowers on the tree but when the flowers fall to the ground and create that beautiful blue flower carpet, it's very hard not to be anything but inspired. The middle fabric is the third release in an evolving series of fabrics that are all inspired by crushed paper. I wrote about the first & second fabrics in this crushed series in a previous post and also shared a bit of the process.  
The bottom fabric has been inspired by the various varieties of flowering grasses/weeds that grow along the sides of the roads. When your speed (to the speed limit of course) along the highway the flowers on the verge grab your attention for a short moment as you drive past. Spoonflower has expanded their range as well. As well as fabrics their range now includes wallpaper, wall decals and as of this month wrapping paper. The wrapping paper comes in rolls on either gloss or matt paper with each roll being 66cm wide by 1.8m in length (26inch x 6 ft). So all those yummy designs that we various designers have available in our galleries are now available on fabrics, wallpaper, wall decals or wrapping paper. Pop across and have a look.

Monday, April 8, 2013

out exploring the mangroves

Another weekend exploration across to Nudgee Beach this time. If you time your visit to Nudgee Beach when the tide is out or on it's way out you can walk along the Beach and get down in amongst the Mangroves. When the tide is fully out you can actually walk out a fare way and from time to time you'll see people riding their horses. Nudgee Beach is on the northside of Brisbane and is approximately 18klms from the CBD. When we lived on the northside of town we visited the Nudgee area quite alot and enjoyed the numerous bike & walking paths that are in and around the Nudgee and Boondall wetland areas.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

a short seaside escape

It was so nice to have a long weekend as part of the Easter celebrations last weekend as well as getting some studio time, husband and I enjoyed a short escape to the seaside. We enjoyed a short escape interstate this time to the seaside town of Kingscliffe which is in Northern New Sales Wales. An enjoyable trip, both envigorating and refreshing to stroll along the beach barefoot, feeling the sand press through ones toes. Also enjoyed the opporunity to capture some shots as well. 
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