Friday, April 26, 2013

from the sketchbook - ginger study

 With all the rain that we've had recently our Gingers have burst into growth and had a second flowering. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, so I grabbed a couple of hours sketching in the garden before heading out. An enjoyable morning observing and sketching one of our gingers. This one is the red hot poker, which has flourished from a cutting a friend gave us. 
I started with the black pen and created the piece in the top slide, a warm up before exploring further. In the other pieces I've used a combination of water soluable graphite pencils, watercolor paints and colored pencil. In the sketch of the flowers, I sketched with the black pen first then shaded a few areas with colored pencil before appling a water colour wash over the top.
The other treat I had yesterday was my wonderful husband cooked a BBQ breakfast. That partnered with the sketching and a fresh pot of coffee really made for a perfect start to the day.

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