Sunday, June 23, 2013

everyday inspired by color

 A collection of images inspired by a wattyl color paint strip
 a color strip of blacks and greys with such names as rare ebony, river dolphin & slate quarry
 I gathered items with similar color tones to the paint strip from around our house and garden
assembled the items in various arrangements & captured numerous shots with the camera set in monochromatic
inspiration everywhere, everyday

Monday, June 17, 2013

from the sketchbook - ginger study part 2

Beautiful and sunny over the weekend perfect for further creative playtime with our gingers 
I started with a light rubbing using an oil stick onto fabric
some sketching and then I started to wonder what the inside of the flower looks like
 so I carefully cut from the top straight down to discover the inside
 the inside has a beautiful texture and some parts are slightly raised enabling me to roll paint across the surface and use the flower like a stamp to firstly print onto paper and then onto fabric
I call these exploration sessions my playtime - the early stages of starting a new project / series
a good time to explore ideas, products and techniques

Sunday, June 9, 2013

it's a long weekend and we're enjoying a staycation

 slowing down with some hand stitching, sketch our girls & collect the eggs
 drawing onto fabric and laying out the pieces for a quilt challenge inspired by seasons
 pancakes for breakfast, sketch a couple of our garden art pieces
 even a little bit of baking
 mmmm home baked bread spread with real butter and a little more hand stitching
 a snack for us and now a snack for the girls, even a little bit of washing up
BBQ lunch and why not, some more sketching
And we still have one more day to go
got to love a long weekend:)))
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