Friday, July 26, 2013

inspirations behind my SAQA Auction donation

The journey for my SAQA auction piece "Enlighten" started with the above picture of a lantern. I had printed it onto black fabric. The black fabric had been firstly prepared with InkAid and printed using our inkjet printer. 
For sometime I've been gathering together a collection of images all loosely based around the idea of light / heat and the auction piece was the perfect opportunity to bring a few of these together.
 The above are just a few of the images I've taken and collected
Inspiration also came from the pages of an electrical textbook that my Dad used to complete his apprenticeship. I wouldn't like to wire a building with my creative interpretation of these important symbols but the shape & simplicity of the symbols was too inspiring not to incorporate.
Again using our inkjet printer I've printed several of the images onto cotton fabric and silk organza. Prior to printing, the fabrics had been prepared with either Bubblejet Set or Inkaid. The next step of the process is one of my favourite - laying out, sometimes dissecting and re-arranging - collaging the pieces together to form a new image / story.
Once I decide on a layout I fuse the pieces into place (using either Misty Fuse or Steam a Seam Lite 2) With everything in place it's time for quilting and on this occasion I've free machine stitched a few more of those electrical symbols. 
 SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) has an Auction of art quilts every year and this year Oceania Members contributed 32 pieces to the auction collection. In the lead up to auction commencement a few of us are sharing our behind the scenes inspirations / process towards creating our piece and these are being presented in the Oceania Blog Hop Several members have already shared their inspirations and coming up next week is 28th July Brenda Gael Smith 30th July Ruth de Vos 1st August Ali George the full list of members sharing their inspirations is here

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