Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ginger & mandarin marmalade

Enjoying some creative time in the kitchen of late
our citrus trees had full & delicious crops this year
so I couldn't resist making up some marmalade
harvested some of the edible ginger we have growing
and made up a batch of Ginger & Mandarin Marmalade
juice & finely slice rind of 2 Grapefruits
juice & finely slice rind of 6 Limes
put about a kilo of Mandarins (skins and all) through the food processor
Combine the pulped mandarin, rinds and juices in a stainless steel pan with about 8 cups of water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer liquid for 2ish hours until the pulp is soft. Leave to stand overnight. Next day measure the pulp and for every cup of pulp add one cup of sugar. Add the peeled and finely cut ginger (100grams) and return pan to heat, stir until sugar is dissolved. Stirring occasionally, bring to boil and continue cooking until desired consistency is reached - it's about 1-2 hours, use the setting test to check consistency. Pack the marmalade into sterilized jars, seal and label. Makes about 6 jars.

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