Monday, January 20, 2014

making plant tags

Our garden it's an eclectic mix of plants, weeds, edibles, chickens, green tree frog, blue tongue lizard, geckos, insects and various items re-purposed to be garden features. A melting pot of inspirations and enjoyable moments. Recently I've been turning a small section into what I'm calling 'The Salad Bowl' a bed filled with a variety of herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, spinach, beans & rocket. A small area that we can wonder out to and pick a salad as needed. I often let a couple of the lettuces, rocket, basil & flat leaf parsley go to seed so fresh crops can pop through and I weed out the older plants. So I can keep track of what's what I've been labeling and having a wonderful time making these painted sticks to hold the labels.
The materials: sticks, an assortment of beads, sharpie pen, correction fluid pen, leftover house paint, wire and fabric & netting scraps (I used a few of the pieces leftover over from the disintegrate/integrate project). The how began with painting the sticks. Once dry I used the correction fluid pen to draw patterns on two of the sticks. I've wrapped the others sticks with the fabrics, beads and wire. I've attached the labels with either a piece of wire or cutting a slot in the top of the stick.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

from the sketchbook - exploring our river city

A friend and I recently went a sketching near the Story Bridge. It was a fabulous day and a beautiful breeze was coming off the water, very pleasant. Later on in the day when looking through my sketchbooks and images I realized just how much and how often I enjoy getting out and exploring along the River. There are many well maintained walking & bicycle paths especially through the inner city areas. These are a few of the images & sketches that I've captured (thus far) along our river front.

Monday, January 6, 2014

back to work we go

 Over the past eighteen months husband and I have had / made a couple of changes with our day jobs and one of the biggest positives of these changes is that we now get Christmas and New Year together - it's such a treat. We've just enjoyed two weeks off and in between the movie watching, day tripping, book reading, sketching there has been lots of baking. Mostly it's been the usual Christmas fare but there were also baking moments of pure pleasure when the kitchen became creative studio. These little tarts were one of those creative moments. Little pastry baskets filled with custard, topped with seasonal fruit and coated with a glaze of homemade peach and nectarine jam - they were delicious.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Happy New Year

Welcome to a New Year, here's to a year filled with many creative and inspiring moments.

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