Monday, January 20, 2014

making plant tags

Our garden it's an eclectic mix of plants, weeds, edibles, chickens, green tree frog, blue tongue lizard, geckos, insects and various items re-purposed to be garden features. A melting pot of inspirations and enjoyable moments. Recently I've been turning a small section into what I'm calling 'The Salad Bowl' a bed filled with a variety of herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, spinach, beans & rocket. A small area that we can wonder out to and pick a salad as needed. I often let a couple of the lettuces, rocket, basil & flat leaf parsley go to seed so fresh crops can pop through and I weed out the older plants. So I can keep track of what's what I've been labeling and having a wonderful time making these painted sticks to hold the labels.
The materials: sticks, an assortment of beads, sharpie pen, correction fluid pen, leftover house paint, wire and fabric & netting scraps (I used a few of the pieces leftover over from the disintegrate/integrate project). The how began with painting the sticks. Once dry I used the correction fluid pen to draw patterns on two of the sticks. I've wrapped the others sticks with the fabrics, beads and wire. I've attached the labels with either a piece of wire or cutting a slot in the top of the stick.


  1. A very clever idea, I might have to borrow it!

    1. Hi Linda yes certainly, I would love to see what you do. Send me a pic Happy Creating cheers mel


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