Wednesday, July 23, 2014

fabrics inspired by leaf litter, seasonal change & urban events

Zippered cushion (45cmx45cm) featuring fabrics inspired by palm trees, fern leaf and fallen leaf litter

 Work in progress using white on whites from my stash teamed with fabrics
tales unfold, light reading & urban texture daily life
A collection of fabrics inspired by urban texture, daily surrounds & routines

Fabric "Light Reading" has been inspired by the above image. An area of our humble home that we converted to be a mini library. A place to pause and of course a place to create, be inspired or have a cup of tea.

Framed purse using a four inch frame and fabric 'Autumn Sky'

Fabrics available through Spoonflower

Totally enjoy getting inspiration from my surrounds both at home and further afield
Inspiration really is everywhere, everyday

Saturday, July 12, 2014

frosty ground & clear blue sky - a natural contrast

When I saw the weather forecast yesterday for today a cool start of 2 degrees Celsius with isolated frosts but still getting up to a top of 22 degrees my initial plan was to sleep in until about an hour after dawn. Being sub-tropical if you sleep in through that dawn period you kinda miss the coldest part of the day. That was the plan but the fur-child is accustomed to the household stirring from 4amish and getting fed pretty close to that so today would be the same and dutifully meowed like a little alarm clock with a broken snooze button. The flip side, the cool side of this though was I was up and awake enough to enjoy the early morning sun rising up over the tree line and into the neighboring parkland. An opportunity not to be missed especially with the sun rays glistening through the frosty grass. Camera in hand and donning an additional jumper off we went fur-child in tow for an early morning stroll enjoying the moment and seizing the day. The early morning vista from our window was nice but how inspiring to be out in amongst the natural contrast of a clear blue sky and the frosty ground.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

banana blossom coleslaw

We've had the bananas for a few years now and enjoyed several bunches of fruit. The inside of the trunks are beautifully patterned and fantastic for printing and we've used the leaves to line the steamer instead of using baking paper but I hadn't used the flower. A friend had mentioned that the blossom was edible but I wasn't really sure how to prepare it.
Recently the banana blossom was featured on a cooking show which re-ignited my interest to have a go at cooking with it especially as there was one forming in the front yard.
So I made a little starter of banana blossom coleslaw topped with a handful of prawns and a wedge of lime - yum
I made the coleslaw by firstly removing the outer parts of the blossom to reveal the lighter softer section. The soft lighter sections were sliced finely and popped into the bowl filled with cold water and lime juice until I was ready to assemble the salad. Into another bowl I placed a handful of finely sliced cabbage, one grated carrot, one grated radish and a handful of bean sprouts. I made the dressing by firstly mixing together a combination of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, raspberry vinegar, palm sugar and a dash of soy sauce. Amounts were adjusted according to pallet. At this point I could have mixed this dressing through the salad ingredients but our pallets like the creamy textures. So once I had the initial dressing ingredients together I added small amounts of this mixture to mayonnaise until I had the taste and consistency that makes our taste buds dance. The dressing and a couple handfuls of the banana blossom were added to the bowl with the other ingredients and everything mixed together. Served in small bowls topped with a couple of prawns and a wedge of lime. Pleasantly surprised with how nice it was, looking forward to the next blossom.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

impromtu day down by the bay

We'd had a little sleep in, toasted ham, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast, our morning coffee
and I'd moved on to hanging the washing out. 
As I hung the washing the sun felt so warm and welcoming. 
My mind wondered to thoughts of bright blue skies, leisurely strolls and breathing in the sea air. 
Husband, do you want to go for a mini day trip? Where? he says.
What about Wynnum along the waterfront we haven't been there for awhile?  
Sure why not. Most days are planned but sometimes you're just meant to roll the die and go with it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

pinch n punch it's the first of the month

Depending on your hemisphere today we enter the middle month of summer or the middle month of winter
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