Wednesday, July 23, 2014

fabrics inspired by leaf litter, seasonal change & urban events

Zippered cushion (45cmx45cm) featuring fabrics inspired by palm trees, fern leaf and fallen leaf litter

 Work in progress using white on whites from my stash teamed with fabrics
tales unfold, light reading & urban texture daily life
A collection of fabrics inspired by urban texture, daily surrounds & routines

Fabric "Light Reading" has been inspired by the above image. An area of our humble home that we converted to be a mini library. A place to pause and of course a place to create, be inspired or have a cup of tea.

Framed purse using a four inch frame and fabric 'Autumn Sky'

Fabrics available through Spoonflower

Totally enjoy getting inspiration from my surrounds both at home and further afield
Inspiration really is everywhere, everyday

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