Tuesday, May 1, 2012

studio tour

Welcome to my studio
this wall is a combination of past works, current works and future ideas. 
As I collect images for a project I often stick them onto the wall, move them around, 
stick up notes, sketches etc so basically it's my live mood board. 
some of my supplies and where I hang works in progress
shift a couple of things around and add a few plastic drop sheets and
you have the wet area for painting/dyeing
 and when I'm wanting to temporarily spread out, I move the machine and iron into a room that 
we've converted to be a library & sitting area. I enjoy the view from this room as well
I really enjoy these two rooms

Throughout the month of May starting today 1st May and then every second day from there - 15 SAQA members who live in the Oceania Region will be sharing photos of the spaces that we use to create. These photos will be shared on our respective blogs - a studio blog hop. This week the artist studios being featured are 1st May - myself, 3rd May - Sue Dennis, 5th May - Lisa Walton, 7th May - Linda Robertus Each week I'll pop a list on my blog of who's going to be sharing their studio spaces.


  1. Lovely to visit your studio Mel!

  2. Love the space you have for sewing. I house sit so have to take with me what i can and set up my little corner wherever i can. I do envy your lovely room.

  3. I love your space Mel! It is so bright and colourful and full of creativity! Ta so much for sharing!


  4. Thanks for sharing your space. It is really encouraging to see that your beautiful work doesn't require a massive purpose built studio. Hope for us all.

  5. Looks great, Mel - will enjoy checking out other's spaces. We have done something similar in IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists) - it bring you all closer when you know where people are creating.

  6. Thank you ladies for visiting my studio and leaving your wonderful messages - so glad you enjoyed - it's going to be a great month getting welcomed into so many wonderful creative spaces :)))) Mel

  7. Thank you for sharing. I started with sally's today and worked backwards. So many great and varied spaces. Can't wait to see the rest of the list :)

    Heather aka Kanerva


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