Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Bluff Railway Station

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a delightful High Tea in the café at “Spring Bluff Railway Station” approximately 2 hours (135klms) west of Brisbane. The cafe is open Friday to Sundays 930am - 4pm and during the Carnival of Flowers which happens on the Toowoomba Range every spring the cafe opens daily and the gardens which surround the station are in spectacular bloom.

For many years the train was the main form of transport between Brisbane and Toowoomba. Construction of this train line commenced in 1864 and the first train passed through the station in 1867.  In 1914, Queensland Railways launched a garden competition to encourage railway staff to beautify the stations and grow vegetables. This challenge was enthusiastically embraced by the then Station Master Ralph Kirsop and his wife Lillian. These days the stations' Trust management committee maintains the site and gardens. The stations website  have some photos of how the gardens look in Springtime.

And in winter a very yummy hot chocolate is included on the cafes' menu.

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