Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SAQA Oceania Studio Blog Hop

Throughout the month of May we've enjoyed virtual visits to the studios of fifteen SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) members who live in the Oceania Region. Each member shared photos/video of our creative spaces on our respective blogs - a studio blog hop.
Mel  Forrest (1st  May)
Sue  Dennis (3rd  May)
Lisa  Walton (5th  May)
Linda  Robertus (7th  May)
Dale  Rollerson (9th  May)
Averil  Stuart-Head (11th  May) 
Beth Miller (13th  May) 
Sally  Westcott (15th  May)
Ali  George (17th  May)
Pam  Holland (19th  May)
Felicity  Clake (21st  May)
Brenda Gael Smith (23rd  May)
Alison  Lawrence (25th  May) 
Jenny  Bowker (27th  May)
Sue  Domeney (29th  May)
Pop across and enjoy a visit to our studios


  1. Love the collaged blog hops Mel- very clever.

    1. Thanks Sue, I enjoyed having another look at everyone's studios as I went back through and popped the collage together - very inspiring


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