Sunday, June 24, 2012

a visit to the botanical gardens, Mt Coot-tha

Enjoyed a visit to Tricia's Exhibition this afternoon. Tricia is the 2012 Artist-in-Residence at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Cooth-tha. Tricia standing in front her "Flowers of Friendship" project. 
supplies were available for visitors to make wreaths a symbol of continuity and the cycle of life. 
A few of the wreaths on display in the trees near the main entrance.  

and then map in hand I enjoyed a stroll in the gardens in search of bundles. 
Throughout the residency Tricia is working collaboratively with several groups, friends & artists. 
And we the 'Broadstrokes' collaboratively with Tricia are doing a bundle project - Integrate / Disintegrate
Tricia's current exhibition continues until the 29th June 2012 at the Richard Randall Studio
Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Mt Coot-tha


  1. Our bundles are very together- not disintegrating very fast.

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