Thursday, June 14, 2012

weekend retreat and fabric discharging

Last weekend was a long weekend for us and I escaped out to Boonah for a 3 day art & quilt retreat - how wonderful. I seized the opportunity to finish off a couple of projects and also to start working on a couple more pieces for my upcoming exhibition - Sunday Drives. My husband and I frequently head out to the Boonah area to explore the National Park areas out there, on one of our trips I had taken photos of Australian Grass Trees. Prior to retreat I had printed a few of these images onto fabric and wanted to explore further the idea of combining the images with black fabrics that have been discharged. So last weekend I had a wonderful time achieving different patterns on several pieces of black fabric by firstly scrunching, stitching, folding or clumping (or a combination of) and then popping these pieces into diluted bleach to discharge the color. The above are a couple of the discharged pieces.And these are a couple of the images I've captured on our day trips

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