Sunday, June 29, 2014

cut, paste & easy foam stamps

Like so many of us I enjoy magazines. I enjoy the initial read, the re-read and then eventually giving them away, keeping them or ripping them up and re-purposing the content into collage, notebook covers etc. I used a handful of these collected pages into a couple of cards I made earlier this week. As well as the re-purposed pages I also incorporated stamped patterns. The stamps were made using "Foamstastic" a self-adhesive craft foam that is easily cut with scissors. It can also be cut with an e-xacto knife for finer work. The craft foam is very easy to work with. Once the shapes are cut, peel the paper off at the back and stick shapes onto a piece of cardboard (I used scraps of matting board). Once you have your stamp assembled use an ink pad to apply color to your stamp and stamp away. Remember to re-apply ink between each stamping.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

crisp early morning & a day of creative play

What a treat to have a weekday off:) I had yesterday off and immersed myself into the studio for a day of creative play. While it was a crisp start to the day that early morning sunshine across the parkland we neighbor onto was calling and stirring ones creative energy. So camera in hand off I went and commenced the day with a stroll through the parkland. Breakfast, coffee, hang the washing out and into the studio I went, emerging only in the afternoon when husband arrived home from work. A full studio day of creative pottering, tidying, collage, made a couple of cards and stamps and started the mood board for my next project.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

a tea that soothes the throat

When under the weather with flu it is so nice to be able to wonder into the backyard to gather the ingredients needed to make a tea that soothes a sore throat. In a saucepan place chopped lemon grass, a piece of ginger and enough water to make a couple cups of tea.
Bring to the boil, turn the heat off and allow to steep for three to five minutes. Place a wedge of lime and the leaf of perennial coriander into your favorite cup. Pour (strain if you like) the steeped liquid into the cup. Add a teaspoon of honey, give a little stir and now it's time to sip, enjoy & soothe.
We also picked fruit from our citrus trees and juiced them along with some carrot & apple. So while this week we may feel under the weather with flu, it is also kinda nice to be enjoying the rewards from our efforts over the last couple of years of incorporating more self-sufficiency / simple living into our humble home & yard.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

snippets of daily detail

a picture is a poem without words
Leaf of marjoram, citronella lantern, paper flowers, a lady beetle, a white picket fence and
lettuce that's gone to seed - these are a few of my daily things.
Exploring & enjoying snippets of daily detail one frame at a time.
  -inspiration everywhere, everyday-

Sunday, June 1, 2014

yards of inspiration

The background image for this months calendar is an image from new fabric collection
  "Yards of Inspiration" released last weekend at Open Studio.
Husband and I do enjoy our day trips and particularly enjoy the Scenic Rim. When I was accepted into Open Studios as an Artist-n-Residence I was firstly thrilled and secondly looked forward to working with the many images I've captured across several trips to the area. The images used for the calendar background and the middle four fabrics are inspired by captured moments during visits to Aliquilts Studio at Tarome then integrated with images captured within our own humble yard and home. An artistic response, an integration of two communities, two artists and our creative havens. The bottom fabric is inspired by images captured during a day trip to Mount French near Boonah and in particular the grass trees that grow there. As each piece evolved I enjoyed remembering our visits to this beautiful area, my mind also flowed with ideas and inspirations. It seemed natural to name the collection "Yards of Inspiration". The Yards of Inspiration collection is available though Spoonflower.
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