Sunday, June 15, 2014

a tea that soothes the throat

When under the weather with flu it is so nice to be able to wonder into the backyard to gather the ingredients needed to make a tea that soothes a sore throat. In a saucepan place chopped lemon grass, a piece of ginger and enough water to make a couple cups of tea.
Bring to the boil, turn the heat off and allow to steep for three to five minutes. Place a wedge of lime and the leaf of perennial coriander into your favorite cup. Pour (strain if you like) the steeped liquid into the cup. Add a teaspoon of honey, give a little stir and now it's time to sip, enjoy & soothe.
We also picked fruit from our citrus trees and juiced them along with some carrot & apple. So while this week we may feel under the weather with flu, it is also kinda nice to be enjoying the rewards from our efforts over the last couple of years of incorporating more self-sufficiency / simple living into our humble home & yard.


  1. That lemon & ginger drink almost makes me want to get a cold - almost...........

    1. it's a nice tea even when you don't have a cold - very re-refreshing.


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