Sunday, June 29, 2014

cut, paste & easy foam stamps

Like so many of us I enjoy magazines. I enjoy the initial read, the re-read and then eventually giving them away, keeping them or ripping them up and re-purposing the content into collage, notebook covers etc. I used a handful of these collected pages into a couple of cards I made earlier this week. As well as the re-purposed pages I also incorporated stamped patterns. The stamps were made using "Foamstastic" a self-adhesive craft foam that is easily cut with scissors. It can also be cut with an e-xacto knife for finer work. The craft foam is very easy to work with. Once the shapes are cut, peel the paper off at the back and stick shapes onto a piece of cardboard (I used scraps of matting board). Once you have your stamp assembled use an ink pad to apply color to your stamp and stamp away. Remember to re-apply ink between each stamping.

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